Michael Coolbaugh is a Visual Artist/Illustrator living and working out of his studio in Scranton, Penna.’s eclectic South Side.

At a young age he began to express himself through doodles and sketches, which entertained his fellow classmates while providing his grandmother with yet another weapon in her ever-growing arsenal of grandson bravado.

Traditional Pen & Ink illustration has always been his first love, but he has most recently ventured into adding digital illustration and mixed media to his pieces. His work is typically always born of traditional freehand illustrations.

Humor and whimsy tend to often be recurring themes within Michael’s works, only to be further enhanced by his intuitive use of extensive color palates and painstaking attention to fine detail. His work has been described as; “luminous, stimulating & amusing, as well as poignant & mood-changing.”

He earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree, cum laude, from Marywood University. His work has displayed in various exhibitions as well as in print for a number of NEPA publications. He has created custom logo designs for clients as well as working on many private, commissioned and freelance projects throughout the year.

He happily welcomes any and all feedback/contact at http://michaelcoolbaugh.com/contact/ .