The Four Agreements Book Read Online

When you make assumptions, you create your reality without respect for the truth or someone else`s experience. You will also create expectations based on your assumptions, then you will be disappointed or angry and blame others if what you expected does not happen. Our assumptions are the roots of most of the dramas of our lives. You receive a text from a word from your partner that you don`t understand — you have to guess. You are not invited to the big party and you need to know why, you are doing something. Maybe your favorite cashier in the market says something you haven`t quite heard, but she`ll be rushed and you don`t ask her to repeat it. No matter what she said, it was weird — it was making fun of you, commenting on your outfit, you don`t know. So you trust the strange feeling and start a great drama based on your assumption of what happened. You can`t wait to tell your friends. Maybe they are horrified by your story and they promised never to return to that market.

A big dream of a small hypothesis, and it spreads like a virus. To avoid guessing, ask questions. It takes courage to go against your fear, to ask for clarity: “I saw that you had a great party, and it seems that I was not invited as I expected. Is there anything I need to know about this? We may hear the truth: “I`m sorry, but the last time you got drunk was worrying for people. Or “After our last meeting, you said something that made me think you didn`t want to be invited again. Or: “I sent you an invitation and I was disappointed that you didn`t come. There are so many possible answers, but the risk of requiring clarity seems dangerous. Be brave. Trust in the present moment, trust others and respect them to be exactly what they are, and let life flourish according to its own plan – it avoids a lot of suffering. Discover with the integration of Wikipedia more details about the events, people and places of your book.

The human spirit is fertile ground for the seeds we plant with our word. Plant the seeds of love, not fear. Judgments, humiliating, shame and especially gossip end the poison in ourselves and others. The most powerful way we use our word against ourselves is to judge ourselves. Stopping self-judgment is the greatest challenge for domesticated people, because we have been judged throughout our lives and we perpetuate tradition in our own minds. Look at the bottom and elsewhere on this page to prove that you are perfect, just as you are, and as you are not. There is nothing you can do or say that deserves to be judged. This is really the only agreement you need to challenge all your old chords and change the dream of your life.

Always be immaculate with your word. And if you`re not, or if you take something personally (#2), don`t judge yourself for it! You always do your best (#4). Always stay. It doesn`t really seem to work – there are enough judgments that go from within, from the inside and from the outside to perfect an entire human race. Yet we suffer, we will fall back, we do not fulfill our goals or we keep our intentions, We have lost touch with the reality of our perfection with which we entered this world.