Bcc Enterprise Agreement

The Council is expected to enter into negotiations with trade unions on the forth future enterprise agreement. The previous agreement gave all employees an annual pay increase of 2.5 per cent. Certified agreements provide for negotiated terms of employment between an employer and the public sector unions concerned on behalf of workers. The services union represents the Board`s employees and technical staff, including librarians and administrators. Mr. Jones stated that, in the face of the coronavirus pandemic, the union was in daily contact with all councils across the country and that Brisbane City Council could have informed us before informing the general world. 531994 Bus Stop Accessibility Improvement Program 2019-20 – Construction Lot 24 Mayor Adrian Schrinner froze Council salaries for two years. Credit: AAP/Albert Perez “Brisbane City Council employees deserve better than to discover that their salaries are frozen by tying them to the news.” “But the thing to remember is that the mayor does not have the power to order or prescribe that there will be no wage increase.” At a press conference on Wednesday afternoon, Cr Schrinner said it was “pretty extraordinary” that unions opposed the freeze and said that “the whole economy is hard.” “There will be no wage increase, and that includes everyone from top to bottom. This is not the time to do so,” he said in a statement. 532243 CCTV Stormwater Pipeline Survey Program of Works 2019/20 532128 Landscape Works Main Street Boulevard, Kangaroo Point Stage 5 Discover compensation areas and manager benefits.” “We know these are difficult times, but simply explaining a wage freeze, without discussing it with the workers involved, goes against the faith,” he said.

Contracts assessed and awarded by Brisbane City Council over the past 12 months are listed. “Our members have the right to negotiate a new EBA and we will have discussions based on what our members expect from us at the negotiating table. Days after the election victory in Brisbane, Mayor-designate Adrian Schrinner announced that these measures would lead to all 10,000 council employees and councillors remaining on the same salary. 532375 and 532385 Bus Stop Shelters Package 1 and 2 Opposition Leader Jared Cassidy asked why other budgetary solutions had not been found and stated that Council staff were not aware of the pay stoppage until it was read in the media. 511096/ 511097 The rental and operation of a café and restaurant at Sir Samuel Griffith Drive 1012, Mt Coot-tha Brisbane City Council will seek to save $36 million by decreeing a two-year pay cut for Council members and Council staff to prepare their $3.1 billion budget against the Corona pandemic. “If there`s one thing we know about this crisis, it`s that we need to work together and not push decisions down our throats,” Cassidy said. Queensland`s employment standards are a series of nine minimum employment requirements that are guaranteed by law for workers in the national labour relations system. Steve Baker, secretary of the Australian Workers` Branch of the Queensland Union, said the announcement “just days after an election is nothing short of a disgrace.” “If the mayor wants to announce that his opening negotiating position is a zero percent increase, that`s okay. City councillors have not received an increase since 2018.

The Average Board salary, including benefits, is $193,125. Mr. Baker said the union would fight against that decision. The AWU represents the Council`s external workers, including parks, roads and traffic control personnel. Ben Jones, of the Services Union, said Brisbane City Council chief executive Colin Jensen had sent a briefing note on a proposed pay stoppage, but there had been no discussion or notification before the public announcement.