Traduction De Shareholder Agreement

6 translations were able to be found to make examples spotted on the Internet. However, if shareholders have unequal financial means, one shareholder could declare a price unfairly low, knowing that the other shareholder cannot afford to buy the shares offered. The bidder could then turn around and buy the shares of the weak shareholder at the abnormally low offer. The chevrotine gun clause could therefore also require a fair price for each takeover offer. It should be noted that all directors are required to act in the best interests of the corporation, regardless of how they were elected or the group of shareholders they are intended to represent. A “pump gun” clause provides a leakage mechanism for shareholders when there is a serious dispute that cannot be resolved. A shareholder may offer to buy the shares of the other shareholder at a certain price. A chevrotine gun clause provides that the other shareholder can either sell his shares at that price or buy the shares of the shareholder offering at the same price. This process encourages the offering shareholder to give a fair price. Mediation is a process in which a neutral third party, the Mediator, assists the parties to the conflict in negotiating an agreement on the issue of conflict. Arbitration is a procedure by which the parties to the dispute submit their dispute to an agreed neutral third party who, after hearing from both parties, will decide the resolution of the problem.

4. determine what happens in the event of a shareholder`s death, retirement, etc. (with the value of the shares to be calculated according to a specified formula); The definition of management issues in the shareholder contract reserves the right of existing shareholders to determine issues that are crucial to the group. If these issues are not specified in the agreement, the Board of Directors will be able to modify and manage the group as it sees fit. If you think shareholders are better able to determine issues that are important to the company than directors, you should indicate all the conditions that you consider important to the long-term health of the company. A shareholder contract (also known as a “company contract”) is an agreement between all or certain shareholders (or “shareholders”) of a company. This contract defines the rights of shareholders as well as the obligations and powers of the board of directors and management. A shareholder pact is very advantageous if the company is closely managed or if there are few shareholders. A typical shareholder pact can have an effect or all of the following factors: it depends on the knowledge and mutual trust of the shareholders. If you suspect that one or more shareholders might deny, have seen or signed, perhaps all signatures should be shown. In a small business where a person may hold more than 50% of the shares, a majority shareholder may be prevented from electing any director simply because of his or her majority ownership. Depending on your jurisdiction, you may have some options to determine the directors of the company.