Facebook Data Privacy Agreement

We use the data we have to make suggestions for you and others — for example, groups you can participate in, events, pages you follow or send a message, shows to watch, and people you want to befriend. Stronger connections create better communities, and we believe our services are most useful when people are connected to people, groups and organizations they care about. In addition, the company collects seven different types of information that it takes from a phone, computer or tablet that you use. This includes data on the version of the software you`re running, how low your battery is and how much memory you`ve left on your device. In addition, Facebook can access information about devices connected to the same network you`re in. Whether you change the privacy settings of what you share with friends or strangers won`t necessarily limit the information about your web usage that Facebook can collect and sell. (In fact, deleting your account can`t keep you completely out of Facebook`s reach.) You can customize your settings to change the amount of your public profile and how much you`ll share for third-party apps, as well as other settings. But when it comes to data policy, you don`t have much choice. You have to take it or leave it. If the individuals concerned exercise their rights under the RGPD with respect to the processing of Insights data against you (Article 26, paragraph 3, of the RGPD) or if you are contacted by a supervisory authority regarding the processing of Insights data, a “request” will immediately provide us with all relevant information regarding these requests, but within a maximum of seven days schedule. To do this, you can send this form. Facebook Ireland is committed to responding to requests from affected individuals in accordance with our obligations under the Page Insights addendum.

You agree to do everything in our power to cooperate with us to respond to such a request. You are not allowed to act or respond on behalf of Facebook Ireland. “Many of the controls they offer seem to be to limit the types of ads you see, not the type of information collected,” says Fox Johnson. Nevertheless, it proposes that parents and teens opt out of Facebook`s default advertising settings, including “Facebook Partner Data-Based Ads” (data provided by advertisers, app developers and publishers based on your business outside of Facebook) and “Ads based on your activity on Facebook company products that you see elsewhere” (information Facebook provides to others about your Facebook activities) and your activities on others Facebook products).